The blended training courses we have been conducting since 2012 allow for increased efficiency and commitment, over time, regardless of the experience levels or functions of the employees brought in for these blended courses.

Blended learning and customization

By their very nature, blended learning courses open the way to a high degree of personalization of the course, by offering specific preparation and distance work periods from one participant to the next. Participants work individually or in sub-groups, depending on the objectives of the blended learning course.

Customized e-learning modules, exercises, self-assessments, and tests provide a set of appointments to take time and distance oneself. The participant can more easily and completely measure the progress to be made, thus placing him or herself in a position to anchor the necessary knowledge.

Blended training for sales representatives: some examples

MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE has been building customized blended training programs for many years now. A large number of these hybrid training programs are aimed at sales forces, for clients in a wide variety of sectors: consumer products, food, health, services, banking, telecoms, real estate, etc. In France and abroad, with our various subsidiaries.

Blended business training

Our mixed training courses cover various sales force issues. Some topics are more oriented towards junior teams, such as knowledge of one’s environment (knowing one’s products and markets, understanding one’s customers, mastering one’s distribution channels), sales organization (being effective in targeting potential customers, organizing rounds, reporting), or the keys to effective sales prospecting.

Other topics are frequently covered, such as commercial arithmetic (understanding key business indicators and calculations, P&L approach, preparing and building a customer agreement), or category management (growth levers, principles and merchandising organization of the sales space).

Advanced blended business training

Blended training courses are just as suitable and effective for more experienced people who want to improve the quality of their commercial relations, to strengthen their convincing power and their communication during negotiations, by working on their posture and on the techniques specific to the exercise.

We also offer hybrid training courses linked to the animation of distributor networks, or even more advanced courses for more experienced people: how to organize a sector review, how to sell a business plan, how to create a cooperative relationship with a client, etc.

The list is long and not exhaustive, by definition, as we start from scratch with each new blended training course to be built on demand!

Among our blended training for managers, a great diversity!

Managers are not forgotten in our blended training programs, quite the contrary! As with our blended training programs for field teams, we offer themes that are equally suited to young managers and more experienced profiles.

The periods of taking up a first managerial position are often delicate, so we work on specific programs for these important issues for the manager and his future team. How to manage on a day-to-day basis, by adopting the right posture and communication with the members of your team; how to build and then manage the development plan of your employees; how to train your team, build and lead effective meetings, evaluate the skills of candidates…

For more experienced managers, our clients’ requests for blended training most often concern the theme of leadership: leadership with one’s team, change management, analyzing individual and collective coaching needs, etc.

Sales issues are also the subject of specific blended training, for example on the subjects of business management in one’s zone, or negotiating with key accounts.

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