Hybrid training

increased training for our customers and their teams!

We build blended learning solutions that include face-to-face, distance learning, synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

The engineering of the solutions and the selection of the tools by our teams allows us to obtain the right balance of Blended for :

  • Prioritise educational effectiveness and the quality of the solution’s output
  • Integrate the geographical and technical constraints of our clients
  • Take into account the availability of our clients’ teams.

Hybridization is also possible for our coaching and skills assessment activities.

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The added value of blended learning :

Tailor-made courses

A blended learning pathway that is both structured and self-paced, with specific documentation, videos, surveys, exercises, secure work areas, dialogue and evaluation zones, etc. Participants can adapt their pace to suit their needs.


Remote commercial or managerial relations are a daily practice.

So what better way to progress in this field than to train at a distance?

Our video training solution, which comes from the world of high-level sport, is 100% effective and adapted to this learning mode.


Each individual need is identified and taken into account when developing the specific solution adapted to the project’s challenges. The customisation is done within the framework of courses integrating exercises and tailor-made e-learning modules, within the framework of individual and/or collective remote monitoring.

Commitment and support

Blended learning courses and digital platforms enable learners to be mobilised over a longer period of time than the traditional classroom format. This guarantees greater commitment and easier anchoring.


All exercises and video scenarios can be carried out synchronously or asynchronously, and are 100% accessible at all times, in the field, at home, or at the workplace

Deployment without geographical limits

No more distance-related obstacles! Simultaneously offering training courses to employees located all over the world allows a homogeneous increase in skills

Digital platforms


Training and skills assessment

  • Deployable without geographical constraints
  • Engaging over time for greater educational effectiveness
  • Include regular individual or group follow-up – monitoring of skills
  • Allow continuous measurement of skills development
  • Collective steering and dashboard
  • Logistics adapted to each geography, each team and each learning level



Training, distance coaching

  • Video recording of exercises and meetings
    • By video conference (computer) or by telephone
    • One or more cameras
  • Live or delayed analysis
    • Via the performance criteria
  • Sharing and debriefing videos
    • Collective or individual feedback
    • Help from the Coach or Manager


Teach Up

Adaptive Learning

Teach Up is a platform that accelerates the digitisation of your training courses and makes everyone successful thanks to Adaptive Learning. As an authoring tool, it allows us to build digital capsules that are 100% adapted to the content.

We use different reference platforms, specifically selected to meet the educational challenges of our solutions in line with our philosophy: digital and interactive learning and anchoring!