For more than 10 years, MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE has been designing and implementing distance learning programmes for clients in many countries. We can thus affirm that distance learning is in our DNA!

Its recent development due to the health situation has given rise to several terminologies or neologisms: distance learning, or distance training, or distance learning, to name but a few… A recent development “by force of circumstance”, which has opened up new horizons for the continuing education sector.

A distance learning course must be prepared!

Like a hybrid training or a classic training, you might say! In the case of distance learning, the preparation requires a very precise attention to detail in order to achieve the objectives of the distance learning course.
The MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE approach to distance learning involves co construction with our client. To do so, we involve from the beginning the human resources management and the managers of the teams concerned by the e-learning training to be implemented.

Distance learning: a link to create, differently

In order for the participants to get involved in the distance learning course and to learn something useful for them, it is essential to arouse their interest by showing them how this distance learning course is useful to them. Why was it scheduled? For what in this distance format? What will it bring them? How does it work? Effectiveness is born of adherence!

The link is then created all the more naturally as this distance learning course will have been designed to effectively meet the needs expressed. The specificity of distance learning lies in the great diversity of formats and possible supports to be proposed, with certain pedagogical virtues. Quizzes, videos, challenges, questionnaires, simulations: the list is long of the types of content that can be used in distance learning!

Technology at the service of distance learning

The quality of most Internet connections opens up many possibilities for interacting with participants during distance learning courses.

Among the essential resources to rely on are digital platforms dedicated to e-learning.

MARCOPOLO teams use various collaborative digital learning platforms, including CrossKnowledege, VYFE, and Teach Up. A platform such as CrossKnowledge makes available in a personalized space all the resources needed by the participant in a distance learning course.

Distance learning platforms as a personalization tool

Distance learning allows you to benefit from extremely individualized training, based on resources and materials specific to the topic being studied: online tests, assessments, personal workspaces, documentation, videos, follow-up tables, etc.

Designed to be as intuitive as possible, these platforms offer a range of fun, relevant solutions that help to anchor the knowledge provided. The tool is at the service of the distance learning participant, for an optimal user experience!

Distance learning: when I want, where I want! Or almost.

Connecting from any terminal, at the time that best suits the participant: what progress! Personal work, tests and exercises, research phases, preparations, can be done in complete autonomy.

However, it is important to respect a real discipline, by respecting the deadlines for handing in personal work, and the time slots set for joining a group session, or for making a point directly with the trainer. These exchange points are indeed essential both to evaluate the progress observed and to respond to individual needs or resolve difficulties encountered. It is not because technology is a source of new training experiences that the role and know-how of the trainer become secondary, quite the contrary!

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