Our skills assessments are aimed at employees, either on their own initiative or on that of their employer.

Principle: to support professional transition, by helping the employee to define or adjust a professional project in line with his or her skills, aspirations and the needs of his or her environment (company and/or market). Carrying out a skills assessment can also help define a training project.

Whether an employee is looking for a new project, or a manager wants to evaluate all or part of his or her team, our experts will shed new light on your potential. So that your employee can identify his or her professional skills, aptitudes and desires, and put them in perspective with his or her career or mobility.


Preliminary phase:

Validation of your needs, expectations & constraints, and the conditions & methods of implementation.

Investigation phase :

Analysis of your motivations, skills and professional aptitudes, determination of your professional development possibilities.

Conclusion phase:

Results of the investigations, analysis of the assets and obstacles to the feasibility of your project, possible complementary actions, implementation planning.

In person or remotely!

Our approach is 100% digitisable, and thus accessible wherever you live.

Additional modules à la carte

Knowing how to communicate about yourself, individual outplacement, Specific Disability Assessment, 360° Image Assessment, SOSIE 2nd generation tests, MBTI, or DISC Profile: a range of complements to meet your specific needs!

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