The appeal of video on the Internet has been a constant for many years. A fun format, which is also increasingly used for training, with great efficiency!

How does remote video coaching work?

The principle is simple: it consists of filming and then analyzing live realistic professional situations in order to develop one’s performance in specific
exercises. This innovative practice comes directly from the world of high- level sports. World-renowned coaches intervene remotely with athletes from all
over the world, to perfect their technique, work on mental visualizations, or other exercises leading to the high standards and performance of the top level. This
principle also applies to the corporate world, where coach and participant(s) work together, remotely, from videos made in situation.

Video coaching: for which uses?

Video coaching covers as many situations as you can imagine! A salesperson in a sales meeting, a key account manager in the middle of a sales negotiation, a
manager leading a meeting or interviewing a candidate for a job, public speaking, etc. All situations involving exchanges between people lend themselves to
the exercise, reproducing the conditions and hazards encountered in “real life”.

Video coaching is for beginners or juniors, as well as for more experienced professionals, who by confronting their own image will realize the points of
improvement (and the positive points!) in their attitude, their posture, their relationship with others.

The placement of one’s voice, on one’s non-verbal communication, is also an axis of progression that can be worked on thanks to video coaching.

The use of video coaching allows you to effectively improve your skills during coaching missions, training, or during a skills assessment.

The benefits of video coaching

Seeing yourself in a situation is always instructive, but the interest of video coaching is not limited to that. Because in video coaching, there is coach, the exchange between the person who follows a video coaching program, and his trainer is central.

Together, they analyze the videos to identify the most significant parts of the scenarios, using digital platforms specifically developed for this discipline.

The MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE teams use the VYFE platform, which allows us to provide instant feedback, with a high level of accuracy in the
restitution of images! The sequences are tagged, sequenced, to exchange in detail on each point identified during the filmed situation.

Collaborative by nature, this tool provides excellent results, with excellent appropriation by the coachees, and optimized anchoring.

Remote video coaching: practical rules

As the exercise is very demanding, we recommend short (45 minutes maximum), intense and rhythmic sessions, with a debriefing that takes place
immediately after the situation is completed. After having defined which points to work on during the session, the VYFE platform allows the participant to
keep and review their videos “enriched” with tags and remarks from their coach, on each of the themes worked on. The coachee then has access to
highly accurate data on all the components worked on, which will help them develop their skills and acquire new ones. Video coaching allows the
coachee to work on techniques specific to their profession (sales, negotiation, management, etc.) as well as on their soft skills (emotional intelligence,
listening, creativity, self- confidence, decision-making, etc.).

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