Training has been at the heart of MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE’s expertise since 2003. Because the continuous training of your employees is one of the keys to help them grow and develop their daily performance!

Training: co-construction above all !

Whatever your objectives – sales training, management training – we are convinced that the co-construction of our programmes is central to their full success. It is a matter of defining the training objectives together, to ensure that they are in line with the expected level of performance. And to adapt the pedagogical content of the training to the characteristics of the teams to be trained, and to the expected results. The learners are thus at the heart of the training system.

The co-construction of the training programme is done in collaboration with the human resources department and the management of the team concerned: sales force, sales team, managers, etc. Involving managers from the design stage of the training programme is essential, but also throughout the training process and once it is over, in order to measure the results.

Modalities of the training

Classical face-to-face training, distance learning, blended learning: for optimal anchoring of shared notions, adjusting the training course modalities is a real performance lever. Trainees benefit from the most individualised courses possible, within the framework of group training, by following video training modules, by carrying out online tests and practical exercises, which allow for the sustainable development of performance. The extraordinary diversity of the means available, and their mastery by our trainers, “automatically” leads to tailor-made training, for the benefit of the participants.

Why opt for blended learning ?

Keep in mind that for a training course to be successful, it is essential that you capture the attention of your target population and encourage them to learn the key messages of your course. Mixing different modalities can break the monotony of a traditional training course and boost the educational programme. Training that includes video lessons, practical exercises and live sessions.

Training: commitment and ownership

All the training modules we produce are led by trainer-coaches who are themselves trained in coaching techniques. They use participative teaching methods to create desire, adhesion, commitment, and ultimately the anchoring of the key points of the training.

The know-how of our experienced trainers goes hand in hand with their interpersonal skills: just like the “training coach”, the ability to create links, by having the pleasure of listening and sharing, favours the appropriation by the participants of the training.

Commercial training, management training

Appropriation also takes place through immediate action. During the training modules, of course, but also from one session to the next, by analysing the progress made in a real situation.

Whether it is business training (sales training: sales training, negotiation training, sales relationship training, sales interview training, prospecting training, etc.), training for managers (day-to-day management training, leadership training, business management and animation training, key account training, etc.), or soft skills training, our trainers are committed to supporting the development of your teams’ skills by monitoring the progress made, in line with the objectives set during the co-construction of the training modules.

Training is about transmission! The transmission of experience, of effective postures, with full knowledge of the context and the world in which your teams evolve. The MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE team of trainers is made up of experienced and operational professionals, who know your environment and your business, having worked in it successfully! Driven by a taste for results and the desire to share the keys that will be useful to you on a daily basis, they know how to create an atmosphere that is as friendly as it is studious, in the service of the effectiveness of the training courses followed. Our approach: to put pleasure at the heart of our approach, so that you don’t have to choose between seriousness & agility, or efficiency & simplicity!

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