Meeting with Nicolas DURANSON, HR Manager France

The NUTRISENS group (330 employees) has become in 10 years one of the major players in the nutrition market. Its mission is to give people who are frail or who want to improve their daily lives a taste for food thanks to adapted nutritional solutions. The activity includes three main areas of expertise: medical nutrition, specific nutrition (salt-free, allergen-free, etc.) and wellness nutrition (slimming and sports).
NUTRISENS is experiencing strong development and has entrusted MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE with part of its strategic recruitment. Nicolas DURANSON, HR Manager France, tells us more.

When did your partnership with MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE start?


We started working together in 2018, to support our ramp-up. Until then, we were managing all of our recruiting internally. It then seemed essential to us to surround ourselves with recruitment specialists, in order to rely on employees who are both more expert and more experienced, to carry the group’s ambitions on the ground. And MARCOPOLO was able to meet our expectations very quickly.

On which types of jobs does MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE intervene?


We work together on the profiles of field sales advisors, with a high level of requirement since we are looking for experienced candidates, with a double skill set of sales expertise + training in nutrition or dietetics. This job is quite complex for us, because we address different targets (restaurants, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes), and contacts with specific expectations depending on their functions (doctors, chefs, nutritionists, etc.). And since we have a very complete range of products to meet a wide range of health issues, our employees must master all the components in order to propose the right solutions and convince them over time.

How would you define their added value?


It’s simple: they understand us! The challenges of the positions, the profiles sought with this expectation of double competence, which gives a very good quality of sourcing, well targeted candidates, essentially by direct approach. They also know very well who our different types of clients are, their different expectations, so that they can present our business very clearly to candidates. Finally, they are very responsive and productive, which allows for short and efficient recruitment circuits.

What is valuable to us is that we speak the same language! As a result, our partnership is very efficient, we work together in complete confidence, in complete transparency, with a relationship that is both friendly and very professional. In short, MARCOPOLO “ticks all the boxes” and brings us every time solutions that meet our expectations.