Commercial outsourcing: the principle

This involves entrusting a commercial mission over a defined period of time to a partner who will manage all the strategic and operational issues: recruitment of the team (manager and field), training in your products and culture, then support in the field, and administrative management. The success of the mission also depends on precise reporting, via a shared CRM tool. This guarantees total transparency of the results obtained, using KPIs agreed between the industrialist and his external commercial partner.

Keeping a schedule of regular follow-up points on the results also makes it possible to agree on the actions to be implemented.

In the end, using an outsourced sales force provides a great flexibility, with a fast action plan.

When should you choose an outsourced sales force?

Develop new sales channels

Consumers are adopting new behaviours, linked to the period of health crisis, but not only… Drive and click and collect formats, but also home delivery, telesales, or the continuous progression of proximity formats, food shops: basic trends which are very successful with consumers!

Your teams are not familiar with these new channels, and/or do not have the time necessary for you to entrust them with this mission, which is strategic for your company?

So setting up an outsourced sales force makes sense!

Conquering new territory

Do you have a product that is well-known in its region of origin but completely unknown elsewhere? Commercial outsourcing lends itself perfectly to your appetite for commercial conquest, by allowing you to quickly access skills and networks that were previously far from you. Definition of strategy, prioritisation of channels, brands, basins… All the expertise and precision of your external partner will save you precious time!

Diversification, new products

The use of an external sales force is also relevant in the context of marketing new products, particularly when these differ significantly from the offers that your teams usually market. A different target group, an “unusual” positioning in relation to your image: it is then relevant to rely on an additional sales force that you assign for a local test, or on a larger scale…

Launching a commando operation

While the use of an outsourced sales force is perfectly conceivable in the long term, you can also opt for a “one-shot” sales outsourcing, in contexts as varied as responding to seasonal peaks, specific sales events, or product launches on which you are betting heavily! Your commando sales force will then provide you with massive field coverage, with the extra resources and visibility to support your overall sales strategy.

Optimise your time and budget for business development

Do you want to rationalise your HR costs (employment contracts, holidays) and administrative costs (equipment allocations, travel expenses, vehicle management, IT access, etc.)?

Outsourcing your sales force does not generate structural fixed costs, as the management and monitoring of the team are part of the package offered by your service provider. And you benefit from maximum flexibility, by defining the scope of the mission and its duration.

Are you looking to develop your sales, build customer loyalty and conquer new markets?  Let’s meet to study an outsourced sales force offer that meets your needs! !

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