Discussion with Arthur Ollivier, Director of Human Resources.

Hello, can you tell us a few words about your company?


We are an SME specialising in infant nutrition, with around one hundred employees. It has been marketing organic infant milks and cereals under the Laboratoire Modilac brand in pharmacies and supermarkets for over 50 years.

When did you first make contact with MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE?


We met at the end of 2020, and the contact immediately went well because their team is very familiar with our world, and immediately adapted to our challenges and culture. They were also able to meet our HR needs with a rational and efficient approach.

On which HR subject does the MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE team support you?


MARCOPOLO carries out Intensive Coaching for us, for employees with varied professional personalities. The principle is to determine 3 priority points to work on, which allows us to focus on the essential objectives of each person being followed.

How does intensive coaching work?


First of all, we discuss with the employee to identify and share needs and desires. Then comes the meeting between the employee and his or her coach, to validate the 3 priority areas of work. This is basically a tripartite commitment between the coach, the employee and the company, which shows our consideration for the employee.

How does it work in practice?

The DISC personality tests and their debriefing help to better understand each professional personality and its natural way of functioning. This feeds into the 3 coaching sessions, over a deliberately short period of time: this is intensive coaching! A follow-up and progress review takes place 6 months later, as this is also a long-term process. In the end, the employee “knows himself better” and quickly develops his ability to interact better with his colleagues and clients.

What are the main interests in intensive coaching?


It is a very rational approach.
First of all, the process is shorter, which means that the work can be done well, with employees who are more readily available! The approach is very concrete, because the work is done on a small number of priorities. And this format is adapted to the resources of an SME such as ours, compared to more traditional coaching. This makes the process more accessible and allows us to offer it to more employees.

How do you define their approach?


Methodology, tools, reference systems: they leave nothing to chance, you can immediately see their expertise, which is both very technical and very human. Because you can quickly sense that these professionals are driven by the firm intention of helping people! They manage to share their inexhaustible reservoir of energy, their passion for the job, in short they are in their element alongside our employees.

Thank you for this!