Training: interacting & moving to action for the betterment of your company, day in and day out

Our pedagogical approach

We take a clear approach to all our training courses: brainstorm solutions together and always try to think outside of the box.  Participants benefit from experiential learning that encourages immediate use of their newly acquired skills.

A pragmatic approach that combines common sense and experience in an environment conducive to communication, ideas, and personal connections, to enhance your performance. Co-building digital learning provide the most effective solution to reach our goals

Our mantra is experiential learning – a hands-on approach from the beginning is the key to gaining and retaining knowledge  We believe the best way to impart knowledge is to immediately move people to action, which is key to the participants’ knowledge acquisition.


Our trainers-coaches’ profiles

Our professional vision: support, transmit, move to action in order to promote independence

Additional team members, expert and agile, connected to business and human challenges

Coach-trainers, trained in coaching techniques and stances, which deploy participatory pedagogies to promote support, motivation, and engagement

All the Marco Polo consultants leverage a strong operational experience in customer relationships and the management of large firms (sales management, national sales management, marketing management, export management, national account management, category management, etc.)

Training experts - from training design to delivery and support through change, most consultants have been trained in individual and/or group coaching

A strong “mass consumption” culture reinforced by out-of-home catering, medical, and pharmaceutical market expertise.


DATADOCK and ISQ OPQF certified consulting firm.
Certified consultants: DISC, MBTI, SOSIE (2nd generation)
Coaches trained at Mozaic

Partenaire Performance Consultants Ltd, London.

Our modules and management

training programs include:

Manager quotidien marcopolo performance« Daily Management » : adapt your communication style, stance, to each of your team member/Build and manage your co-workers’ development plan/ Train your team/ Build and facilitate efficient business-oriented meetings/ Assess the skills of candidates/etc.


renforcer Manager marcopolo performance « Becoming a stronger leader » : Build or strengthen your ability to align your team to the company’s vision and values/ capacity to drive organizational change and build relevant systems/Strengthen your leadership skills by developing a deeper understanding of your own resources/Detect and understand your teams’ coaching needs/etc.


piloter business Manager marcopolo performance « Managing and facilitating business in your areailoter et animer le business de sa zoner » : Build a business strategy and action plans methodically/ Prepare the resources the teams will need to ensure smooth implementation, roll-out, and management/...


Negocier client grand compte marcopolo performance« Negotiating with a key account » : Build a business plan and negotiation tactics/prepare and conduct negotiations with KAMs/Facilitate and leverage the agreement’s trade-offs through a highly effective implementation

Our modules and sales and

and negotiation training programs include:

Modules fondamentauxr marcopolo performance Basic Modules : “Knowing my environment” (products, markets, customers, distribution channels, etc.), “Getting organized” (targeting high potential customers, organizing visits, reporting), “Commercial arithmetic” (indicators and key calculations of the business, P&L, understanding and building an agreement with the customer), “Category management” (growth drivers, principles and organization of visual merchandising in retail stores).


Modules perfectionnement marcopolo performance Advanced Modules : “Keys to building sales relationships” (listening actively with an open mind, exploring and meeting needs), “Strengthening your impact, promoting your products and services” (impactful communication techniques, highlighting figures, assertiveness and audacity), “Obtaining more through negotiating”(negotiation techniques and stances, obtaining compensations, knowing how to say No), “Bringing value to a sales interview” (steps of the sales process, key techniques, handling objections), “Facilitating a distribution network (measuring the impact of distributors on your business, helping their teams increase their sales), “Effective Sales prospecting” (understanding what’s at play, optimizing your development potential and your customer portfolio), etc.


Modules avances marcopolo performanceAdvanced programs: “Sector Review” (analysis and implementation of sector plans), “Selling a Business Plan” (build, create value, and negotiate an annual business plan), Tutoring (supporting and mentoring non-hierarchically), etc.

negocier Manager marcopolo performance « Negotiating a win-win agreement » :
Developing negotiation techniques and key stances/ perfecting your pitch/ GRID/power indicators/etc


 cooperer Manager marcopolo performance« Establishing a cooperative relationship » :
Understanding customers better to communicate better/equal footing/safety behaviors/etc.


impact valoriser offre marcopolo performance« Strengthening your impact & promote your products and services » :
Using impactful communication techniques/highlighting figures/assertiveness and audacity/standing your ground/etc.