Recruiting differently: a sector-focused approach

With career experience in general management, Human or Sales Resources, our consultants all have operational and managerial expertise, as well as in recruitment. The combination of sector-specific and HR skills helps us speak your language and better understand your recruitment needs.


We promote a collaborative approach.

Because we work closely with our clients’ sales operational or support teams and we understand your industry, your expectations, and your challenges, we will find the top talents that will move your business projects forward.

We have been trained to create a result-oriented culture, which we do in all the projects for which you hire us. Our keywords: Responsiveness, Agility, Proximity and Simplicity in the Relationship.




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Certifiés MBTI, Sosie 2nde génération DISC de Marston. I Marcopolo Performance

We have a project-oriented approach, leveraging the MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE team’s skills

In tune with the particularities of the business sector and the distribution network. When needed, we use our in-house chartered occupational psychologists, who are MBTI, Sosie 2nde generation and DISC of Marston certified consultants. We help your recruits integrate better and be as efficient as possible in their new jobs.  When needed, we offer extra training to high potential candidates.


Profiles that match your selection criteria perfectly

We leverage our own individual network and our consultants’ networks to deliver candidates who perfectly match your selection criteria.

We use direct sourcing as an approach to attract talents, with our dedicated recruiting team to source workers.  Depending on the job positions, we also advertise for jobs via job posting.  

We provide a precise appraisal of the technical skills you’re seeking, as well as your future coworkers’ self-management skills via assessment if needed.

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What about skills assessment?

If you’re looking for a new challenge, skills assessment tools can help you build your project and make the right decisions.