Our 36O CHD solution: outsourced sales force

The success of your sales strategy is driven by a well-designed team.

offre 36O CHD  succès de votre stratégie commerciale I Marcopolo Performance

If you don’t have the workforce to promote a new range of services/products, or test a market, the 36OCHD team can help you to quickly ramp up expert sales teams in the industry.

Opting for outsourced sales services such as MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE’s services means choosing a flexible, concrete, applicable and communicable response. A solution which enables your company to increase its expertise while streamlining your investments.

Because we speak the same language, we are convinced that working hard is key to moving forward faster together.

Method and added value

contrat de travail Responsabilité I Marcopolo performance

Being the legal representative: employment contract/ direct responsibility/ Payroll, overheads, HRM, etc.

Recruter Recrutement Poste I Marcopolo performance

Recruiting: in our candidate pool/deep expertise of the out-of-home catering industry

Formation Prospection, vente, négociatio I Marcopolo performance

Training: Canvassing, sales, negotiation/Network facilitation/ tailored to your challenges and specificities

 Force de proposition stratégie Durée de vente I Marcopolo performance

Managing: Sales, sales periods/remedial actions/power of persuasion

Résultats vs objectifs stratégie I Marcopolo performance

Reporting: Daily actions/results vs objectives/benchmarking

Développer les compétences terrain  I Marcopolo performance

Coaching: Field support/Developing skills