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When relevant, we use the DISC or ILEAD approach in addition to individual coaching.
We are compliant with the ICF Code of Ethics

Coaching individuel Coaching individuel I Marcopolo Performance

Individual Coaching

Helping your co-workers identify or clarify their needs, weak points…Identifying and lifting internal or external barriers... Harnessing your resources,  improving interactions with your customers and co-workers...


Varying needs, one single vision: improving performance through a three-step process:

Understanding people and their needs: Success Insights Test/ personal preferences & preferred style/ 36O° interviews/ Skills & behavior.

Defining coaching objectives: on personal and professional levels/in tune with your management objectives/ Managing objectives and priorities.

The coaching process: 10 sessions (2 months)/ the GROW method/discussions, role plays/Research and individual work/ summaries/feedback to the person and/or their manager.

Définir les objectifs du coaching personnel et professionnel I Marcopolo Performance
Coaching Collectif Mieux fonctionner en équipe I Marcopolo Performance

Group Coaching

Optimizing specific project management, developing synergies, promoting creativity... Working better as a team, knowing others better, knowing yourself better...

A safe and structuring process, turned towards the future and action. Because by developing positive group dynamics, you add value to your projects and ensure their success in the long-term.

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