Pure Passion since 2OO4

Created in 2OO4, MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE has been driven by its clients’ business and managerial performance, providing them with keys to unleash commercial, strategic, and human potential in their organizations.

depuis 2004 Marcopolo Performance  est tournée vers la performance commerciale et managériale

Our team is composed of high achieving industry experts passionate about leveraging their unique skill set to drive your growth.


We take great pleasure in starting with a blank slate, having to break out of our respective comfort zones. Each new project is a discovery, a challenge, an exchange, where sharing objectives leads to building effective and sustainable solutions for your company.


Together we will design and implement solutions to meet your objectives: building business strategies, challenging existing systems, empowering your coworkers, expanding teams, or creating a new structure.

MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE is a team of over 3O consultants in France and overseas, who work with 100 clients ranging from international companies to SMEs. A team that has made MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE a reference

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