Jean-Pierre Catherin

Jean-Pierre has a strong experience in creating sustainable growth and boosting business performance, having worked for 3O years as a director and top line manager at DANONE and SAVENCIA.

For ten years, he successfully expanded BLEDINA’s international operations. As the general manager of subsidiaries on three continents, he acquired knowledge of all the aspects necessary to developing various sized businesses. When he came back to France in 2O2O, he joined MARCOPOLO PERFORMANCE to strengthen the consulting and coaching department.

Jean-Pierre loves growing businesses as well the men contributing to them. He focuses on understanding the challenges organizations must face to provide efficient and pragmatic solutions. Because he has carried out numerous transformation projects during his career, he has a special interest in helping companies seeking change and growth.

Today, he is also involved in projects aiming to develop agroecological farms in the Aquitaine region. Jean-Pierre enjoys spending time with his family and is always on board to go jogging or play soccer.